Appy Time is Filling the Gap with Hope

Good afternoon from Westminster, MD!

Access to quality education is a big part of practical hope. Sadly, there are many places in the world, including communities in the United States, with a significant academic achievement gap. As you may imagine, the gap tends to be the worse in communities impacted by poverty. Often, these communities are under-resourced and written off by many on the outside, and have been for years. This reinforces a feeling of hopelessness, creating unnecessary barriers for children to reach their God-given potential.

Is change possible? Is there hope for children growing up in these communities? Patricia Mack-Preston says yes! A veteran teacher with over thirty years of experience, Patricia sees what many see as hopeless as full of hope. As the Founder and Executive Director of Appy Time for Learning, Patricia and her team of volunteers are partnering with schools and organizations in Baltimore City and Carroll County, Maryland to close the learning gap for children who desperately need it. They provide 1:1 support, iPad technology, and educational apps chosen to meet each child’s individual needs. They also provide other opportunities to learn such as the recent Earth Day Celebration at Mary Ann Winterling Elementary in Baltimore City, an event I had the privilege of participating in.

In the heat of the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools went to virtual learning, which was particularly challenging for children in impoverished neighborhoods as proper technology was not easily accessible. While Patricia and her team were not able to provide their usual in-classroom support, they were undeterred, providing school supplies and even volunteer-made desks for their homes to give the children the best chance to succeed.

Beyond the educational resources, the Appy Time team provides something equally critical to the children: a change in perspective. In a world that often tells them they are forgotten, Patricia and her team are able to communicate, “I see you, I believe in you, and you are worth the investment”. Through their investments of hope, they are helping to create a new story for future generations and the communities in which they live. To learn more about Appy Time for Learning and support their incredible work, click here: Appy Time for Learning.

Patricia is a beautiful picture of a person who took what they had to offer and used it to bring hope to people who desperately need it. Imagine a world in which we all make this choice. How different would it be? Bringing hope and creating change does not have to be complicated and you are more equipped to you realize to make a difference in the life of someone else. You just need to take a step.

If you would like a free resource to help you discover how you are uniquely equipped to make a difference in someone’s life, sign up here: 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life. If you have already downloaded it don’t forget to walk through the steps. You also will be signed up to receive more thoughts and ideas on creating change and bringing hope to others.

James Belt

* Information on the Appy Time for Learning program is from Home (

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