Justin’s Place Brings the Hope

Good afternoon from Westminster, MD!

Have you ever written someone off as hopeless? Has anyone ever done this to you? Have you ever done it to yourself? This can be the story for many people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Their sickness and its consequences have led them to a place of isolation from the people they love and who love them. The inability to escape its grip reinforces a feeling that nothing can ever change.

Is all hope lost?

Tito, Walter, and the Justin’s Place team say no. Justin’s Place, a Christ-centered residential recovery and transition program in Westminster, Maryland is a beacon of practical and spiritual hope for men caught in the trap of alcohol and drug addiction. Through two phases, the Justin’s Place team attacks Lie of Hopelessness with real, all-in hope.

The Lie of Hopelessness says you are worthless, destined for a life of “less than”. Through spiritual encouragement, loving mentorship, relationship building, and Biblical training, the Justin’s Place team help the men reframe their identity as someone created on purpose and for a purpose by a God who loves them and sent Jesus to die for them. No longer self-identifying as hopeless, the men begin to see that they were created for something more. This is the power of spiritual hope.

The Lie of Hopelessness is reinforced by a lack of opportunity. The Justin’s Place team comes alongside the men through medical care, legal assistance, vocational training, and assistance gaining employment to open the door to real opportunity. Once written off, the men are now equipped to exercise their God-given potential. There is real power in practical hope.

It is not easy, and messy at times, but the Justin’s Place team is seeing real change take place in the the lives of men once seen by many as lost causes. This has also brought hope to the community, and the many who serve and support Justin’s Place, including Crossroads Church and other churches and organizations in the Carroll County, Maryland area. For more information on Justin’s Place visit Justin’s Place | Crossroads Recovery.

Do you want to be a part of bringing hope to others? It does not have to be complicated! Find someone, like Justin’s Place, who is doing it well in your local community and get in the game. This is one of the steps I encourage you to take in the 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life. If you haven’t signed up to receive this free downloadable guide go to 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life to get it today.

James Belt

* Information on Justin’s Place and it’s program is from Crossroads Recovery | Crossroads Missions (crossroads140.com).

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