Someone Needs What You Bring to the Table

What do I bring to the table? This is a question I have heard said in a frustrated tone by many people with a desire to make a difference, but with the limiting belief that they do not have much to offer.

Have you found yourself at this spot? I certainly have. Issues such as poverty and hopelessness feel so big, and they are in many ways, what I have to offer feels so small in comparison. As I began to explore my role in community and economic development, I wondered if there was something of value that I brought to the table. Asking this question allowed me to see how my experiences in business, leadership, and spiritual development could make a difference in the lives of people in impoverished communities in Nicaragua.

So, what do you bring to the table? This is a great question to ask yourself as you seek to make a difference in the life of someone else. In fact, it is one of the steps I recommend taking in 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life. If you have not received this downloadable guide, you can sign up here: 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life. When you work through this step, I believe you will discover you are more equipped than you realize to create change and bring real hope to others.

Take the story of Mark, a carpenter from Pennsylvania. Mark travelled to Nicaragua on a mission trip with a friend unsure of his purpose for being there. Over the course of his few days in Nicaragua, he began to wonder if his carpentry skills could make a difference in the life of someone in the impoverished communities they visited.

After returning to the United States, Mark began to share this thought with others and, amazingly, was able to secure a donation of $10,000 worth of commercial-grade carpentry equipment for Nicaragua. He shared this exciting news with Frank, his friend who had taken him on the mission trip to Nicaragua, and expressed a willingness to travel back to Nicaragua to train people. This was no coincidence–Frank knew just what to do with what Mark brought to the table.

For a number of years, NicaWorks! had been providing carpentry training to young people in El Canon. They had a desire to expand the training to more of the community, but did not have the right tools to make it work. Knowing about this need, Frank connected Mark to NicaWorks!. Mark became excited about the vision and not only provided the equipment for the carpentry shop, he traveled to Nicaragua to help set up the shop and train the local Nicaraguan carpenter who would, in-turn, train others in El Canon.

Now, a few years later, there is a carpentry shop and vocational training center all because Mark asked, “What do I have to bring to the table?”

Now it’s your turn. What do you have to bring to the table? There is someone out there who needs exactly what you have to offer! If you would some tips on determining what you bring to the table, and other steps to help you make a difference, don’t forget to sign up for 5 Foundational Steps to Make a True Difference in Someone’s Life.

James Belt

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