Getting Unstuck from the Making a Difference Starting Line

Good afternoon from Westminster, Maryland!

I was recently thinking about what keeps people from taking a step to make a difference in someone else’s life. There are a lot of answers to that question, but I think the most common is they just do not know how to get started. In my experience, most people have a desire to live an impactful life. This does not necessarily mean they want to do something many would describe as “big” such as becoming a missionary, but they do want to experience the significance that comes from helping someone else. The problem is we often get stuck at the starting line wonder how we are “supposed to do it”.

While there are certainly good and bad ways to help, I have found the best way to discover how you can uniquely make a difference in the life of someone else is to just take a step. What do I mean? I mean to keep it simple and find an easy way to get engaged. While it might not be the ultimate way you make a difference in the lives of others, by getting in the game you have started a journey that will allow you to see how and where you best fit in.

This was the case for me. My journey did not start by moving to Nicaragua. It was the many times I had served, including on week-long mission trips to Nicaragua, that led to me ultimately spending three years of my life living and working in Nicaragua. It started by serving food at a homeless shelter with my youth group when I was in middle school. Taking this step encouraged to continue to engaged and removed the pressure of wondering how to get started. I just took a step.

What could your step be? The possibilities are endless, but it could be as simple as finding a way to support an organization that is making a difference in your community or around the world. For example, NicaWorks! is currently hosting an online auction (Click to Check Out the NicaWorks! Online Auction!), which provides a fun and easy way to get involved.

Maybe you have watched the tragic events happening in the Ukraine and feel compelled to help. In addition to praying, you can search for people and organizations that are engaged in helping the people of the Ukraine. For example, there are organizations that are helping to evacuate children from orphanages as well as families who are adopting and receiving the kids. You could look for an opportunity to support this important work.

It could also be as simple as finding a way to assist someone in your neighborhood. For example, I have spent a Saturday afternoon doing yard work for someone who was unable to do it themselves at that moment. Really, the possibilities are endless. The key is to just take a step and get started.

In addition to taking a step, I have discovered a few other steps that can be really helpful when trying to make a difference in someone else’s life. If you would like to know more, be on the lookout for a soon to be released resource that walks you through these steps!

James Belt

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