Fully Realized

Good morning from Westminster, MD!

Has what you believe about reality and the future ever been challenged? Mine certainly has. I think it would be hard to answer no to that question in today’s world of constant information flow. We often think of these challenges to our way of seeing the world as a negative, but that is not always the case. Sometimes challenges to our reality can open up new doors of belief about what is possible for our lives.

Hope is this way. Hope, both spiritual and practical, that is fully realized does this very thing. It challenges a person’s belief about who they are, how they got here, and why they were created. It births the opportunity for a different future by changing a person’s view of what is possible, why it’s possible, and who are can become.

Real hope contains real power. I do not say that from a theoretical perspective, but rather from someone who has had their worldview changed by hope. My journey to this place has been filled with good and bad life experiences, complicated questions with, in some case, more complicated answers, and gleaning from people far smarter than me. My journey to realizing the power of fully realized hope is my own, and I cannot guarantee that you will draw the same conclusions. However, I can share my path to this place with you and you can draw your own conclusions.

Does spiritual and practical hope really make a difference? Let’s find out together.

– James Belt

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