Light in the Darkness

Good afternoon from Westminster, MD!

Darkness, it can be a powerful state. It can cause confusion. It can create a lack of vision. It can steal joy and hope. Darkness can be a force that feeds off of fear, pain, and chaos.

Interestingly, the state of darkness is nothing on its own. In fact, it is just the absence of something far more powerful- light. Darkness has no real power. It is only when we decide not to shine light into the darkness that it is allowed to thrive. One of Jesus’ followers, John, wrote, in reference to Jesus, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5 NIV) In the presence of real light in the form of real hope, darkness stands no chance. In darkness, all seems hopeless. However, a glimmer of light shining into the darkness can become a seed of hope that grows into a bright, new day.

As I write this post, my friends in Nicaragua are living in the midst of a lot of darkness. Darkness aimed at drowning out and suppressing the hope that the future could be different than the past. Darkness that it seems will stop at nothing to create hopelessness and despair. The current days are dark, but there is a light that cannot be ignored.

Despite the darkness, the light of hope lives in the hearts of many Nicaraguans. This is proven by there unwillingness to give up. They continue to fight for that bright new day. Darkness cannot survive for long in the presence of light. I, for one, believe the light will win and new hope will be found. Hang on, my friends, a new day is coming.

– James Belt

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