Good morning from Westminster, Maryland!

Over the past few weeks I have read two books that talk about we, as humans, are meant to create. While the two books came from different perspectives, business and spiritual respectively, their opinion was the same – we were created to create. This statement really resonates with my life. Though creating looks different for every person – I am not the most artistically gifted person in the world – there is something inside of every one of us that finds significance in being a creator. This is because of how we are made and who made us. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27, NIV) God created us in his Own image, the image of the ultimate creator. Creating is a part of who we were created to be.

This is a truth we often forget. As kids it comes natural to us. Whether we are building forts or playing with playdough, we find great joy in making things. As adults, however, we lose that part of our life, and the joy that comes with it. Maybe it is time we turned back the clock and started creating again. Creating does not look the same for each person. God has given us each different gifts and passions. Whether they are in business, art, teaching, medicine, or whatever, we all have the ability to create.

As I continue on this journey called life, I hope to remember this truth. We were created to create and find great joy and significance when we do. So get out there and make something.

– James Belt

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