The Beauty of Creation

Good morning from Managua, Nicaragua!

Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to travel to Colorado for business, back to Maryland, Mexico for a wedding, and finally back to Nicaragua to continue our work here. During my travels I was struck by the beauty of creation and by the creativity of God, the Creator. From the mountain peaks of Boulder, Colorado, to the beaches of Mexico, to the blooming flowers of Maryland, to the tropical landscape of Nicaragua, each place is incredibly unique in its beauty. Much like artistic masterpieces, however, the brushstroke of the same Creator is clearly evident in each place.

Through these experiences, I have been reminded to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the creation around me. Many times the busyness of life tends to blind me to my surroundings. Like a horse in a race, I tend to only see what is in front of me at that moment. My hope is that I can take the time to slow down and enjoy beauty that surrounds me as I travel through life. I hope you will consider doing the same!

– James Belt


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