La Boda y La Playa

Good morning from Westminster, MD!

Jen and I are back in the United States for one day as we travel back to Nicaragua.  We had a great time on our honeymoon in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico.  If you are unsure of the meaning of this post’s title, it is translated “The Wedding and the Beach”.  Today I am going to share a few pictures from the ceremony we had in Nicaragua and from our honeymoon in Mexico.  We were excited to celebrate our marriage with our Nicaraguan friends as well as get the incredible opportunity to go on a honeymoon in Mexico.  Tomorrow we head back to Nicaragua and will be there until shortly before Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

– James Belt


IMG_1317 IMG_1500 IMG_1494 IMG_1478 IMG_1472 IMG_1465 IMG_1460 IMG_1427 IMG_1426 IMG_1425 IMG_1396 IMG_1391 IMG_1360 IMG_1335 IMG_1365 IMG_1325

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