Crossroads Invasion Part One

Good morning from Managua, Nicaragua!

Over the next few weeks, my home church in the United States, Crossroads Community Church, will have mission teams in Nicaragua focused on different issues.  The first two teams have already arrived and are focusing on agriculture and education.  While the teams are in town, I will be using my blog to give quick updates on what the teams are up to as well as sharing a few photos.  I hope you enjoy it!

The agriculture team, which consists of my parents and a few great friends, is focused on working with families in the community to build family and community gardens.  By growing these gardens the families will be able to eat more nutritiously and sell some of what they produce to earn income.  More on this in the next post!

The education team, which also consists of some good friends, is focused on teacher training in a couple of the local schools.  My doing crafts with the kids, lunch-and-learns with the teachers and other classroom-style training, their hope is to come alongside the teachers as they educate the next generation of Nicaraguans.  They are also hoping to encourage the teachers and share the experiences and knowledge they have gained teaching in the United States.  I will share more about how it went as well as pictures in the next post.

I hope you can check back next week for some great stories and pictures!

– James Belt 


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